Skipping meals makes you fat

05 Sep 2018

What do protein, dopamine, hunger and body fat have in common? Basically, everything… look at what the science says!

It’s ironic that most of the people who are overweight or even obese skip meals, but that makes sense. Science has proved that people who skip breakfast at the end of the day eat more calories than people for whom breakfast is a must at the beginning of the day, and their food selection is often of a lower quality. They very often select groceries that are sweet and have high level of calories and poor nutrition quality.

Why does this happen? What kind of breakfast is the best in order to achieve the opposite effect?


In order to discover why this happens, researchers have taken a statistical sample of younger females who usually skip breakfast and divided them into three groups:

1. Group have had usual breakfast with 350 calories and 13 grams of protein, mostly from the dairy products

2. Group had high protein breakfast with 350 calories and 35 grams of protein, mostly from eggs and meat

3. Group continued skipping the breakfast


Group who skipped breakfast had the most ‘cravings’ which most commonly lead to overeating in a later part of the day.

Group who had 13 grams of protein for breakfast had reduced ‘cravings’ and better controlled food intake.

High protein level affected high synthesis of dopamine (low level of dopamine causes depression, sadness, laziness, lack of interest for certain activities and even chronical pain, on the other side if we have a regular level of dopamine, then we are in a good mood, we feel satisfied, we are focused and have a good appetite), basically you eat breakfast so that you can stimulate dopamine activities. That will lead to better appetite, less junk food cravings and consequently, to desired results which are reflected in good psycho-physical form of the individual.


Eat breakfast, make an effort to have proper protein intake, and if you regularly train you can up the protein intake. The best choice for breakfast would be a couple of eggs with vegetables, you can add bacon or have a salad with meat, and if you don’t have the time, you can make a protein shake with added nuts.

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