„The Taste Of Summer“ for the Montenegrin journalists

12 Sep 2018

Representatives of Montenegrin media had a unique opportunity to attend the tasting of the summer menu „The Taste Of Summer“, at the president Suite CentreVille Hotel & Experinces. Once more, chef Stefan Đukanović was in charge of creating delicious meals and creative meals that had been offered were inspired by the symbiosis of Montenegrin and exotic cuisine.

„We care about what people say, so we take that into account while creating the menus as well as for other events at the Hotel. This time, as per usual, we have decided to present to you this menu and hear your thoughts, suggestions and critiques and we shall take those into consideratiom. With that being said, you may suggest which meal you consider as the ideal summer meal so we may include that into our fficial summer menu“, noted PR of the hotel Milo Radonjić.

Meals consist of „lighter“ ingredients and have been adjusted to the summer temperatures and human’s need to live in harmony with the nature that surrounds us.

„The summer menu offered an avocado salad with cherry tomates and light dressing with olive oil and fresh lemon juice. Also, we have made chicken skewers with pineapple, grilled zucchini and parmesan, with a pineapple and teriyaki sauce. We also served noodles with teriyaki sauce and chicken, vegetables and sesame. As dessert we served grilled fruit with vanilla ice cream“, said Đukanović.

At the CentreVille tasting of the summer menu journalists had the opportunity to taste refreshing Spanish and Italian wines.

„With great food, we offered great drinks. Considering that we presented a summer menu, we have chosen wines that were lighter, to accompany the menu. Wines follow the international theme of the menu, so we decided to present wines from Italy and Spain, and those are Vila Antinori white wine, type Trebbiano, as well as the Cune Rioja Crianza red wine, type Tempranillo. These, as well as many other local, regional and worldwide wines you can find at the lounge bar The Living Room“, said Dragan Grnović, F&B manager at the CentreVille hotel.

Monthly gatherings with the media have become a tradition of the CentreVille hotel. By maintaining a good relationship with the representatives of the “7th force” we also have a good relationship and with guests as well as the residents.

Author:Violeta Rovčanin

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