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About us

Italian restaurant of Montenegrin origins - that's BEVANDA in Tivat! Just a few steps from the sea there is a restaurant of coastal elegance and bohemian spirit. There is no other place, in Tivat (Montenegro), where you can enjoy the view, food, and atmosphere so close to the seashore. The first morning coffee, in absolute peace, with the sun rising above the hill and waves. As a mixture of wine and water, Bevanda merges and seems incompatible. Elegant ambiance and warm welcoming create a unique experience. Just one visit is enough to become irresistibly fascinated with the charm and a good atmosphere. There is an old saying: "every man to his taste." But the story of tastes in Bevanda is a small lesson in hedonism. You can choose from mild pasta flavors, fabulous meat dishes to spicy pizzas. The secret is in fresh domestic ingredients prepared with a lot of love and attention. Some aromas remind us of childhood, some may inspire us, and some even make us do things we shouldn't. When you smell the bread fresh from the oven, no diet can resist it. In the hands of the masters, everything seems easy. And preparation of pizza as a play of virtuoso. A few skilfull moves and it's ready for the oven. A small masterpiece is ready right in front of you. Perfectly thin dough, homemade tomato sauce and melted mozzarella with ham and pancetta. So crispy and juicy. And for the variety of colors pepper, and olives at the top. When the sun starts to set, Bevanda shines in its full shine. There's no better ambiance for enjoying the sunset and observing the meeting point of the purple sky, turquoise Adriatic and proud mountains. With a bottle of good wine and delicious food, you'll fish time would stop. LIGHT DINNER, VIEW OVER THE BAY AND REAL HEDONISM – THAT’S RESTAURANT BEVANDA!


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