Great discounts at Strudla Culture Club!

Nothing better from visiting seaside during week! The second nothing better is our SEA SPECIAL (5,60 Eur):

- appetizer: Bokeska salad (olives, rucola, cherry, cucumber, marinade)

- Main course: Bokeska pasta (spaghetti with mussels, red or white sauce and homemade  bread)

We also recommend:

Meat special (5,60 Eur):

- appetizer: Vegetables tagliatta (tomato, cucumber, pumpkin seeds, homemade pesto)

- main course: Strudla chicken (breaded chicken steak with aromatic potato and homemade bread)

Vegetarian special (5,60 Eur):

- appetizer: Warm caprese salad (grilled eggplant and zucchini with homemade pesto sauce)

- main course: Homemade goulash with mushrooms and homemade bread

Discounts are valid each day from 13h-19h!

Orders at 067 034 555.

❤️ free delivery for orders over 20 Eur or in the center of the city;
? delivery cost 2 Eur for order up to 20 Eur;
? for takeaway 16% discount on all orders;
? you can also order drinks with food.

Štrudla Culture club

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