May promotions at The Living Room in Podgorica!

The Living Room in Podgorica has always accustomed us to great service and fantastic promotions. :) We don't think May discounts will disappoint you either!

1. Hulk Tortilla - this tortilla is made especially for all of you who enjoy healthy lifestyles: beef, mozzarella, egg batter, spinach, oatmeal and spreads.

The promotion lasts every day and the price is 4 EUR

2. Tagliatelle with prosciutto and cheese - pasta lovers will feel the Italian taste in the Living Room way!

The promotion lasts every day and the price is 5 EUR

3. Somersby pear - Drinking pear cider with a uniquely balanced taste! Pleasantly carbonated, moderate sweetness with floral notes for good refreshment.

Every day at a price of 2 EUR

4. Strawberries with chocolate - our strawberries are irresistible because of the chocolate topping! A real treat for the May days!

Every day at a price of 3.50 EUR

5. Botanical Oasis Cocktail - World Cocktail Day should be celebrated in the right way! Choose this famous cocktail that with an infusion of 14 herbs boasts the largest palette of flavors among cocktails!

The promotion is valid on May 13 and the price is 3.50 EUR!

6. Signal Hill Whiskey - on World Whiskey Day, we present Signal Hill! This Canadian whiskey is made from corn and barley, well aged in 3 types of barrels. Nicely balanced, full of aromas that you will be happy to indulge in.

The promotion is valid from 14 to 16 May at a price of 2.20 EUR

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