Month of the healthy habits in The Living Room lounge!

The warm June has finally arrived, and with it numerous promotions and acoustic performances at The Living Room lounge

A month of healthy habits awaits you!

1. Tuna salad with avocado - it is very nutritious and is a rich source of protein and many vitamins and amino acids.

The promotion lasts every day and the price is 7.20 EUR

2. Coconut curry salad with chicken - a great combination of Mediterranean and Oriental flavors! Light and juicy, it can be consumed throughout the day.

The promotion lasts every day and the price is 4 EUR

3. FIT PORRIDGE contains a daily recommended dose of whey protein that will give you strength for the whole day!

Every day at a price of 2.65 EUR

4. Protein pancakes - this sweet treat is made from oatmeal and is a significant source of fiber, protein, minerals and good fats. It does not contain gluten and is suitable for a diet. With a dose of whey protein is a great choice to start the day.

Every day at a price of 2.80 EUR

5. Tropical Spirulina Almond Smoothie - Spirulina is considered to be the strongest and most complete source of nutrients in the world. It strengthens immunity, cleanses toxins and reduces weight.

The promotion is valid every day and the price is 3.50 EUR!

6. ICE TEA - for hot summer days, chilled tea as a source of vitamins and minerals will give you energy and vitality.

The promotion is valid every day at a price of 2.20 EUR

7. Gin Tonic - contains 120 calories and one drink a day is recommended!

On World Gin Day, a promotional price of 2.20 EUR will apply!

8. Spirulina kiwi sorbe - is an ice cream that will cool you down and provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals!

The promotion is valid every day at a price of 3 EUR.

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