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FoodBooK.Me is the internet platform that gathers all the restaurant owners in Montenegro with a mission to provide the most quality online presentations and therefore directly connecting and meeting potential guests with a content offered by restaurants, cafes, bakeries, pastries and fast food facilities.

Ideal restaurant for business lunch or dinner, wedding or birthday celebration, romantic anniversary is just a few clicks away! We enabled fast search through more than 150 filters. Find a place on a seashore, enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, try national and international specialties on the mountain slopes with a perfect view on lakes, rivers, seaside. Taste wines from national and international wineries in exclusive locations in Podgorica, Budva, Kotor, Zabljak, Kolasin, Tivat, Herceg Novi...

Our team monitors changes in the hospitality market on a daily basis and in accordance with that refreshes data on a website. Be among the first ones to hear about a new restaurant, locality or the specialty of the house! Visit popular places and find out about current events in your town and enjoy discounts and promotions offered at the moment. Also, our Blog page gives you information about healthy nutrition, delicious receipts of various cuisines masters, perfect wedding organization as well as ways of preparing your favorite meal!

Reserve your place in the best restaurants through your smart phone in only a couple of seconds! You will get reservation confirmation in 10 minutes. After enjoying lunch or dinner you can rate the restaurant in line with the service being provided to you, share your impressions with thousands of other visitors and leave a comment.

Fill in Sign Up form on a main website menu and be among the first ones to hear about new restaurant in town, enjoy numerous promotions that we prepared for you and participate in prize games which will bring nice surprises to all the loyal FoodBooK users!

Italian & Fish restaurant Per Sempre

Podgorica Vojvode Masa Djurovica 27

Kod Pera na Bukovicu

Cetinje Njegusi nn

Indian restaurant Masala Art

Podgorica Vasa Raickovica 13A

Konoba Avlija

Podgorica Njegoseva 43

Konoba Timun Dobrota

Kotor Dobrota 181


FoodBooK is the best hospitality business platform in Montenegro which provides search of over 1000 objects with the aim of introducing the diverse restaurants offer to a large number of potential guests. Also, we are first and only Online service in the country for reservations which can be placed with just few clicks via Lap Top, desktop computer or your smartphone.


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