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About us

Restaurant within hotel Serdar offers you wide range of national and international specialties, carefully prepared from the most quality ingredients. It is the ideal place for all types of celebrations as well as business meetings, seminars and conferences. Special part of the restaurant is closed terrace, designed in a manner that you can go there separately from the restaurant hall, in which you can organize festivity, party for your closest ones or simply enjoy the beautiful view.


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Working hours

  • Monday 00:00h - 00:00h
  • Tuesday 00:00h - 00:00h
  • Wednesday 00:00h - 00:00h
  • Thursday 00:00h - 00:00h
  • Friday 00:00h - 00:00h
  • Saturday 00:00h - 00:00h
  • Sunday 00:00h - 00:00h
  • Monday 00:00h - 00:00h
  • Tuesday 00:00h - 00:00h
  • Wednesday 00:00h - 00:00h
  • Thursday 00:00h - 00:00h
  • Friday 00:00h - 00:00h
  • Saturday 00:00h - 00:00h
  • Sunday 00:00h - 00:00h

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Overall rating

Hotel Serdar

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3 Reviews

10.0 /10
Charming restaurant with traditional hotel! The atmosphere and the service are great! The food is served very nice looking and taste delicious. My favorite dish - steak with rice! And you should try chocolate souffle.
Bobitz4 2018-12-17 13:02:16 10.0/10
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Arturoinirl 2022-09-26 12:07:35 10.0/10
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JacksonGuida 2022-09-30 13:29:23 10.0/10