Izvor (Restaurant)

Obala Iva Novakovica nn, Sutomore [email protected]
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icon 120 persons
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About us

Villa ''IZVOR'' at Petrovici is located in centre of Sutomore on the promenade by the beach. Villa ofers accomodation services during the year. It disposes of 9 two-bed rooms and 3 four-bed rooms. Each room has a terrace with a sea view, tv, refrigerator and air-condition. Villa also has its own parking area. Within the object there is a restaurant ''IZVOR'' which is open during the whole year. Also we have pizzeria, pastry shop and large summer garden which work during the summer season. Distance from sea and bus station is 5m and 200m respectively. For organized groups and long period accommodation we provide special discounts in arrangement with the owner.


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Working hours

  • Monday 07:00h - 01:00h
  • Tuesday 07:00h - 01:00h
  • Wednesday 07:00h - 01:00h
  • Thursday 07:00h - 01:00h
  • Friday 07:00h - 01:00h
  • Saturday 07:00h - 01:00h
  • Sunday 07:00h - 01:00h
  • Monday 08:00h - 00:00h
  • Tuesday 08:00h - 00:00h
  • Wednesday 08:00h - 00:00h
  • Thursday 08:00h - 00:00h
  • Friday 08:00h - 00:00h
  • Saturday 08:00h - 00:00h
  • Sunday 08:00h - 00:00h

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10.0 /10
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