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Eco village Jatak, a blend of traditional and modern, can be found five kilometers from Savnik towards Zabljak, in a beautiful village called Petnjica. Village is located near the greatest natural jewels of Montenegro. There are vivid hiking trails within the national park Durmitor, adventures through the canyon Nevidio, fishing of five rivers and numerous lakes within this area. Water is wild and magnificently clean. Huge number of exotic waterfalls with a height of 50 meters are special attraction and one of the recognition marks. By walking or on a bike, discover the magical nature in the area with a huge number of plant and animal species, labeled as natural rarities. In Petnjica you can also find magnificent monument with amphitheater dedicated to the father of the alphabet, i.e. Vuk Karadzic. Restaurant with 4 stars on a daily basis prepares wide range of dishes from the Montenegrin national cuisine. Guests are offered specialties such as- various lamb dishes and wild trout. Restaurant is built in authentic ambience of the mountain house on two levels, with a fireplace in the middle. Its capacity is for 80 guests.


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9.0 /10
The old guy working as waiter was very rude with us. Service slow and incomplete. No fiscal bills provided.
Nowhere 2019-08-06 13:50:40 8.0/10
The old guy working as waiter was very rude with us. Service slow and incomplete. No fiscal bills provided.
Nowhere 2019-08-06 13:50:41 8.0/10
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