Mudra Art Cuisine (Restaurant)

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About us

Welcome to Mudra Art Cuisine Restaurant in Kotor. We believe that art is not to be explained – art is to be experienced! From June 2019, we offer you a first-hand experience of authentic art cuisine. Located in lovely historic Dobrota in the heart of Kotor Bay, newly open Mudra Art Cuisine Restaurant is a gastronomic concept definitely not to be missed! What makes Mudra so special? We believe it is our passion and dedication to create a unique hedonistic spot in this corner of Mediterranean. Montenegro is already widely famous for its local cuisine – hearty, simple, traditional local dishes, using fresh fish and seafood from the Adriatic sea as well as the authentic Balkan-inspired meat-based feasts. Don't get us wrong - we love this cuisine, but this time our goal was to achieve something more. For this reason, we invited our friend, internationally acclaimed Master Chef Enzo Neri to bring his magic culinary touch and help us create exquisite culinary experience which transforms food into one-of-a-kind eatable art pieces! “Cooking has never been my ambition – it’s just the way I express myself.” Chef Enzo believes that dining is not just about nourishment – it is about feelings, love, friendship, adventure, exploring the new and enjoying it with all your senses. His stellar career has taken him from Italy to London, from New York City to Tbilisi, and all these diverse experiences had influenced his unique culinary approach. His dishes are presented in such an artistic way that you almost hesitate to eat them, but do not be mistaken – you just need to taste it, because there are not enough words to describe the celebration of flavors and fragrances, which you will immediately experience. All our dishes are based on local, finest quality ingredients – the best meat, fresh fish, fragrant fruit and seasonal vegetables, all masterfully combined in sublime and unusual manner. In order to make your evenings in Mudra the unforgettable ones, our experienced sommelier has prepared a carefully selected wine-list to match the dishes from Chef Enzo’s kitchen-atelier. Mudra restaurant is set in the lovely beach setting, just in front of the newly open five-star Huma hotel, overlooking Kotor Bay. You will be able to explore our unique menu while feeling the fresh sea breeze, listening to gentle waves and looking at the incredible sunsets over the Kotor Bay. Just imagine the perfection. And then add some more.



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Working hours

  • Monday 18:00h - 23:30h
  • Tuesday 18:00h - 23:30h
  • Wednesday 18:00h - 23:30h
  • Thursday 18:00h - 23:30h
  • Friday 18:00h - 23:30h
  • Saturday 18:00h - 23:30h
  • Sunday 18:00h - 23:30h
  • Monday 18:00h - 23:30h
  • Tuesday 18:00h - 23:30h
  • Wednesday 18:00h - 23:30h
  • Thursday 18:00h - 23:30h
  • Friday 18:00h - 23:30h
  • Saturday 18:00h - 23:30h
  • Sunday 18:00h - 23:30h


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Mudra Art Cuisine

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1 Reviews

10.0 /10
Extraordinary location, environment with fantastic sunsets! Really exquisite place with specific cuisine. The staff was very kind and helpful in choosing the meals. If you want something special and exclusive this is the place for you! :)
Alexander V. 2019-08-26 21:30:02 10.0/10