Štrudla Culture club (Restaurant)

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Bokeska 16, Podgorica http://www.cultureclub.me
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icon 110 persons
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About us

Restobar ''Strudla'' belongs to the family of Culture Club and is conceived as multimedial area, bar and a restaurant. With its authentic interior, in whose creating the author was led by eclectic principles of unification of many design expressions. ''Strudla'' is an ideal place for concert organization, exhibitions, literature meetings, mini shows and other culture events. With rich and quality offer of the bar and restaurant, with diverse and delicious specialties, ''Strudla'' is a true refreshment at culture, tourist and restaurant map of Podgorica. Having in mind that the word ''Strudla'' is a well known Germanism in our language (''strudel''), which primarily means sweet delicacy from apples and that in German language it means ''vortex'', restobar ''Strudla'', through its name wishes to be recognized as a unique place in Podgorica which in seductive manner sums the whole charm of hedonistic pleasure and the depth of artistic imprint.



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Working hours

  • Monday 08:00h - 02:00h
  • Tuesday 08:00h - 02:00h
  • Wednesday 08:00h - 02:00h
  • Thursday 08:00h - 02:00h
  • Friday 08:00h - 03:00h
  • Saturday 08:00h - 03:00h
  • Sunday 08:00h - 02:00h
  • Monday 08:00h - 02:00h
  • Tuesday 08:00h - 02:00h
  • Wednesday 08:00h - 02:00h
  • Thursday 08:00h - 02:00h
  • Friday 08:00h - 03:00h
  • Saturday 08:00h - 03:00h
  • Sunday 08:00h - 02:00h

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Overall rating

Štrudla Culture club

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28 Reviews

9.9 /10
Odlicna kombinacija dnevne i vecernje varijante sa raznovrsnim menu-jem i sirokim izborom vegetarijanske kuhinje. Preporucujem rizoto sa pecurkama za lagani rucak..
Marija A. 2018-09-22 12:56:06 9.8/10
Stvarno jedan od najboljih restorana u pg...uvijek standardno visok kvalitet usluge i hrane! Jedno od rijetkih mjesta u pg sa dobrim izborom zdrave hrane.
Petar B. 2019-04-24 13:12:31 9.5/10
Velike pohvale za uslugu danas i sjajan pileci vok... Samo nastavite sa ovakvim akcijama. Vidimo se.
Predrag 2019-10-25 15:22:09 9.2/10
Nice place with healthy food:)Big and tasty plate for cheap price. clean and beatuful hall, friendly waiters! I will recommend this place to my friends.❤️
Daria 2020-01-19 13:10:49 10.0/10
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