Simple, fast and healthy recipe for lunch!

06 Aug 2020

People often have a lack of ideas for lunch or dinner and we, within our Blog section, will taste from time to time a different recipes and suggest to you the most delicious meals! :)

Today we bring you a meal that we have tried 5 days ago and we were really blown away how tasteful it was. Its easy and simple to prepare and the topping sauce is one of the best we have tried from the beginning of our gastronomic journey.

Risotto with bacon and cream topping

Ingredients needed:

- Integral risotto

- Bacon

- cooking cream

- garlic and onion

- red pepper

- mozzarella

- parmesan

- broccoli

Recipe: small chops of onion and clove of garlic put into a pan and fry in oil, add some finely chopped red pepper and bacon (250gr) and fry altogether for about 5-7 minutes. Then add cooking cream (200gr), mozzarella sliced (50gr) and parmesan (50gr) - cook together around 5-7 minutes. Prepare integral risotto by standard recipe and pour the creamy topping you got over it. At the end add some cooked broccoli. ☺️?

Write us your impressions in comments :) Have a nice meal from WWW.FOODBOOK.ME team!

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Fantastican recept, svaka cast! Krem koji se dobije je preukusan....I vrlo je lako da se napravi. :)
Katarina 11 Aug 2020
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