Halal food in Podgorica - Arabian Tea House restaurant

26 May 2022

Our gastronomic adventure continues with a blog on the topic - What is the Halal standard in food preparation and in which restaurant in Podgorica can you try such cuisine? :)

At the very beginning to explain the meaning of the term HALAL.

The Halal standard is a set of rules and guidelines for the production and preparation of food in accordance with Islamic religious customs. The requirements of Halal come from the Qur'an and Sharia law, which prescribe what halal is, i.e. allowed, and what jeharam - forbidden. When we say "allowed", we mean food that is prepared according to Sharia law, and most Muslims around the world use this diet.

Halal, among other things, prohibits the use of: pork, blood, alcohol, meat of dead animals, carnivores, donkeys, dogs, birds of prey; food prepared with wine, cakes with any type of alcohol, food containing emulsifiers based on pork or animal fat, etc.

Most of the requirements of the Halal standard are identical to the HACCP system and the ISO 9001 standard, which makes it much easier for organizations that have established one of these two systems to prepare for certification.

The requirements that Halal puts before the producers are the strictest when it comes to the meat industry. For meat to be Halal, the slaughter of permitted animals must comply with the following requirements: the animal to be slaughtered must be carefully treated, healthy and alive, and the person performing the act of slaughter must be mentally healthy and qualified for the activity. It is forbidden for a person under the influence of alcohol to do that, and it is also forbidden for someone who is not a Muslim, a Christian or a Jew to do that, because only they know what it means to mention God's name during slaughter.

Now that you know the true meaning of the word Halal, we suggest you visit the only Arabic restaurant in Podgorica - ARABIAN TEA HOUSE and try their delicious HALAL food!

You can see their offer, as well as the online table reservation, at the following link https://foodbook.me/en/profile/arabic-restaurant-dubai-house

Have a pleasant meal and nice stay in Podgorica! :)

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