SOUS VIDE cooking explained :)

05 Apr 2022

In a restaurant, while our gaze passes over menus and various specialties, we will often come across the term "sous vide" as a prefix to a dish. In today's short blog, we will look at this special cooking technique, explain what it means and why it is specific to the taste and smell of food. :)

SOUS VIDE cooking, translated from French, means cooking in an airless atmosphere or cooking in a vacuum. It is pronounced as "SU - VID". Once limited to professionals who have used this technique, Sous Vide is actually a cooking technique that involves cooking with precise temperature control (usually lower) to ensure that it is constant, with food in special bags designed for this purpose. with no air inside.

The main advantage of this way of cooking is that the food is cooked in its own juices. In this way, the juices, which would otherwise evaporate, remain inside the bag or inside the product, which gives us a fuller, juicier and better quality food taste.

During Sous Vide cooking, you can add oil to the bag in which the food is cooked, as well as all the necessary spices that will contribute to the food being juicy and having such a good taste and smell. Adding enough oil is especially important with delicate foods or small pieces of food. Foods that naturally have very little juice in them, in Sous Vide cooking you should always add oils, marinades or some other liquids in order for the effect to be complete and the quality of the final product to be at a very high level.


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