Healthy lifestyle promotion at The Living Room

20 Jun 2019

On 13th of June The Capital Fitness center and The Living Room Lounge and Dining have organized promotion of Healthy lifestyles, for the representatives of Montenegrin media.

Our dear guests had the opportunity to inform themselves on proper exercise techniques intended for modern way of life and also try out our new ‘’Feel Fit’’menu at restaurant The Living Room Podgorica.

’We live in modern times in which we often forget to take care of our health properly. Therefore, today we have presented to our colleagues from media couple of exercises that can be helpful through every day living. The exercises are primarily meant for people who usually sit during working hours’’, says Marko Vukotic – coach and nutritionist at Capital Fitness center.

The participants were rather surprised how basic operations like standing up, sitting, laying down etc are haven’t been done correctly and, consequently, hurting our health and physical posture.

‘’I believe that all todays guests will transfer their acquired knowledge to their friends, kids and family because it is crucial that we change our habbits from early ages’’, concluded Vukotic.

After the training, we have prepared degustation of our new ‘’FEEL FIT’’ Menu at The Living Room – lounge bar of Hotel Centreville.

‘’Feel Fit menu has been created to satisfy the needs of modern man, that cares about nutrition and chooses food carefully in order to lead an active lifestyle. The Living Room continuously is monitoring gastronomic trends and, protein nutrition, is definitely popular at this moment’’, says The main chef of Hotel Centre Ville Sasa Popovic.

Menu was created in cooperation with nutritionist prof. Marko Vukotic and nutritionist advisor Mrs. Jovana Vukotic, who also works at The Capital Fitness center as trainer.

Feel Fit menu consists of healthy foods. It is meant not only for active athletes but for all of those who wish to take care of their body, physical and mental health. Given the extreme temperatures this summer holds, main dishes are made out of light foods while appetizers and desserts are presented through mix of proteins, cereals and various nuts.

The Capital Fitness Centre and The Living Room Podgorica invite all of you to think about your lifestyle and recommend to acquire activities that will constantly improve your general physical and mental health. Feel Fit menu is just one of many things and novelties you can expect at our place under Capital Plaza complex.

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