Chargers for electric vehicles at Hotel CentreVille

25 Nov 2019

Centre Ville Hotel is recognized by monitoring and implementation of world hospitality trends. Beside unique experience in the area of accommodation, food and drinks offered to its guests, from this month another novelty has arrived in the form of electric vehicle chargers.

''Taking into consideration an international group of clients that visit our hotel, we have decided to meet all of their needs and requests. Therefore, electric vehicle chargers were taken as a priority from our staff.'', says Ivan Vucic - maintenance manager of CentreVille hotel.

Hotel guests will be able to use any of the three chargers located on the -4 level of The Capital Plaza center, within hotel parking lot.

''All activities executed are in the line with tendencies for preservation of natural environment, pollution decrease and efficient use of electric energy. Chargers are only one part of many things at our hotel that are in function of conserving the environment. I emphasize that we also use sensor lighting, biodegradable detergent and etc'', added Vucic.

CentreVille Hotel & Experiences will continue to enhance so called ''green'' business philosophy, in order to give its full contribution to preserving our environment.

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