22 Jul 2019

CentreVille Hotel was announced best 4 STAR hotel in Podgorica by TravelMyth organization. TravelMyth is advanced search tool for travelers all around the world. Users of this platform can find recommendations for the best hotels based on their interests and priorities. They can choose between 46 categories, including hotels on the coast, city hotels, business hotels, family hotels and other categories.

With database of over 2 500 000 hotels from all over the world, TravelMyth has developed sophisticated algorythms and AI models that make searching hotels pretty easy with the help of various filters. Also, users can compare prices from different booking web sites based on the selected dates. For this year, our algorythms show that CentreVille Hotel & Experiences is the best 4 STAR hotel in Podgorica.” Says Stefanos Vasdekis, coowner of TravelMyth organization.

“This reward is the example of our commitment, perseverance, consistency and ambition that CentreVille Hotel owns and delivers on daily basis” says Jelena Ognjanovic, GM of hotel.

Besides, CentreVille hotel can already be proud of the fact that travellers mostly choose them on worldly known web sites like Trip Advisor and Booking.

“This reward, as all others, came as a satisfaction and commitment. We are happy that organizations like TravelMyth recon our work and effort. Through these selections we also improve the position of Podgorica and Montenegro as ideal tourist destination”, says Milo Radonjic, PR and Marketing manager of CentreVille Hotel.

For further information on special offers and promotions, be free to address the hotel over mail [email protected] and by phone +382 20 684 000. Also, detailed information on offers find at Instagram and Facebook page of The Living Room lounge bar Podgorica.

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