Jameson Irish Whiskey – beauty of the taste and elegance!

27 Sep 2020

A great fall evening in Podgorica gave us the wings to write about probably the most famous spirit in the world in todays blog – a symbol of elegance, sophistication and exquisite taste!

Lets start from the name itself; word ‘’whiskey’’ derives from old Celtic word ‘’usque’’ which means water while its ancient name was ‘’usque beatha’’ or ‘’the water of life’’. As often happens in gastronomy we don’t have the exact and reliable data about the origin of this alcoholic drink. It is considered that the forerunner of this spirit originates from India and was called ‘’Arak’’, about 800 before Christ, while first written information appeared in Scotland at the end of 15th century.

The best whiskey is made in Ireland (they insist on the fact that Ireland has invented whiskey), Scotland and USA.

Whiskey belongs to a category of hard liquors that are created in the process of grains distillation and are being kept in the barrels exclusively made out of oak tree. Depending on type of grains we have different kinds of whiskey. Whiskey is mostly made out of barley, rye, oats, corn and wheat.

Irish whiskey belongs to a group of spirits that are exceptionally drinkable and have soft taste. They are usually made of mixture of different types of barley. To be officially named like an ‘’Irish whiskey’’, by law it needs to be settled in the oak barrels at least for 3 years. The most famous Irish whiskey is called ‘’Jameson’’.

Jameson whiskey began its legendary story in 1780 in Dublin. John Jameson (1740-1823), lawyer at the time, founded his own distillery and initiates a tradition that will be continued with his sons in the next decades.

Production of Jameson whiskey

Jameson is produced out of Irish barley mixture that originates from the area around 100 miles within the Cork city distilleries. Corn being used derives from the pharm in France that doesn't do genetic modifications. Barley is dried in an closed oven heated up by natural gas (earlier by antracit coal). Three key elements of Jameson whiskey are barley, corn and water and the Dungourney river that flows next to the distillery which is a life source and plays a crucial role in manufacturing process. Whiskey is 3 times distilled because of removal of all dirth from the fluids. In Jameson they are proud to be in control of the whole production process – from grains to bottles.

Today, Jameson is one of the most selling whiskeys in the world with 8 million cases sold (2019) and a place that is announced ''The best server of Jameson whiskey'' for multiple times is pub in Minneapolis called ''The Local'' selling 25 bottles each day!

With the motto of Jameson family ''Sine Metu'' (without fear) we wish you a many nights to remember with this real peace of art drink!

Warm thanks to Ana B. that gave us the inspiration for todays blog story!?

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