The most expensive sandwich in the world!

14 Jan 2021

If you thought sandwiches couldn’t be exciting, delicious and part of the very top gastronomic specialties you are very much mistaken! ? Today we present you a global gastronomic trend that is slowly conquering food lovers around the planet - the most delicious and most expensive sandwich in the world called Wagyu Katsu Sando

Of course, this is a specialty of fantastic Japanese cuisine that costs as much as 70USD to 90USD in average (and some go up to 200USD). 

Wagyu is a highly prized and expensive type of Japanese beef that is known for its rich, fatty, tender meat with a buttery and juicy taste. In order for beef to be wagyu, it must come from one of four types: Japanese brown, Japanese polled, Japanese shorthorn, or Japanese black. Wagyu beef is rated for quality and the A5 is the highest possible rating. Katsu is the Japanese word for cutlet - meat that is usually coated with bread crumbs (light and airy punk) and, mostly, fried. Sando is a Japanese name for a sandwich. The cutlet is usually served on white bread without crust, and sometimes this bread is made in combination with hokkaido milk so it can be more tasteful and soft. Also, bread is often spread with the chef's desired sauce. 

Why is it so expensive? 

The reason for such a high price of Wagyu sandwiches is in the amazing way these cattle are raised in Japan. Wagyu beef breeders believe that animals that are happy, stress-free and well-treated will produce by far the most delicious, soft and juicy meat. These farmers take care of the animals day and night, feed them only the highest quality food, provide them with massages, and some even play music for them (yes, we are not kidding). The amount of money that a farmer invests in a raising of one animal (which is usually slaughtered before it is 30 months old) is converted into the final price of breeding, and this cost is ultimately passed on to the buyer. Many Japanese chefs have connections with certain farmers in different parts of the country and base their wagyu sandwich on the quality of previous purchases from a particular farmer, as opposed to simple purchases from famous regions like Kobe or i Miyazaki

Where can you try a Wagyu sandwich? 

In Japan, you can try Wagyu sandwiches at places like: Sumibiyakiniku Nakahara, Wagyumafia, Kawamura, Yoroniku, Jambo, Cossott’e SP, Ushigoro and Takazawabar. Some are on the menu and some must be specially ordered. 

In New York, you can order them at the restaurants UCHU ( and SakaMai (


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