Casa mia (Restaurant)

Danila Bojovica nn, Nikšić [email protected]
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About us

Pizzeria ''CASA MIA'' Niksic is located in city center, near by faculty. It offers beautiful and modern ambient with very kind staff. Mostly they serve Italian cuisine but also have Mexican food and certain assortment of national kitchen.


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Working hours

  • Monday 07:00h - 23:30h
  • Tuesday 07:00h - 23:30h
  • Wednesday 07:00h - 23:30h
  • Thursday 07:00h - 23:30h
  • Friday 07:00h - 23:30h
  • Saturday 07:00h - 23:30h
  • Sunday 08:00h - 23:30h
  • Monday 07:00h - 23:00h
  • Tuesday 07:00h - 23:00h
  • Wednesday 07:00h - 23:00h
  • Thursday 07:00h - 23:00h
  • Friday 07:00h - 23:00h
  • Saturday 07:00h - 23:00h
  • Sunday 08:00h - 23:00h

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Casa mia

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10.0 /10
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Arturoinirl 2022-09-27 09:32:59 10.0/10
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JacksonGuida 2022-10-01 02:29:38 10.0/10